Illumination Award

Illumination Award - Lake Light Sculpture 2009
Lake light sculpture on Lake Jindabyne's foreshore - Floating Submerged


Lake Light Sculpture is an inspiring free outdoor sculpture exhibition and competition which will be held along the stunning foreshore of Lake Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains of NSW Australia usually held on the Easter Long Weekend.

 The Easter long weekend offers a fantastic opportunity to experience Jindabyne’s charms. The sculptures are displayed in an evocative setting with the reflections of the Snowy Mountains on the lake, providing a living studio for the artworks but it is as night falls that the real magic begins. Illumination has, since the festivals inception, been a defining element of Lake Light Sculpture. Artists embed lighting, reflection and optical tricks into their sculptures to play on the light of Easter’s full moon. The effect is dramatic, transforming the already interesting sculptures and revealing hidden elements. It’s an ideal time to bundle up against the autumn chill and walk hand-in-hand with the ones you love along the foreshore. (Taken from